From Our Guests

“Great guides, great fishing, great food, great accommodations, great weather - and the whale watching were all high points to an awesome stay!” - A. Nims, Vancouver, WA

“Top notch planning and activities. Best vacation ever in a glorious setting. We visited all three lodges - your coordination and activities are the best.” - B. Randall, North Augusta, SC

“There are few places we go for vacation that the whole family wants to do a second time. This is one of those experiences.” - B. Zacharias, Danville, CA

“We loved the filet mignon. Dinner food was served nicely prepared, staff were attentive to serving/cleaning up plates - nicely organized. Food quality was EXCELLENT.” - D. Hale, Sumpter, OR

“The whole trip was our high point. The guides were amazing, and the hospitality was outstanding.” - G. Davies, San Rafael, CA

“The staff and the lodges were well equipped to provide a true Alaskan adventure. I don't believe that I will ever find a vacation that is comparable!” - G. Davis, San Diego, CA

“Excellent fishing. Very good cabin accommodations. Lodge, with food services and river setting wonderful. Staff went out of their way to help across the board. Look forward to returning.” - George G., San Diego, CA

“It was truly a memorable experience. I really liked being there at the very start of the season... I also thought the logistics of traveling from point to point went extremely well... The dinners at the Riverside Lodge were exceptional.” - J. Hacken, Arlington, VA

“One of the best things about our experience with AWA was the small group sizes and personal attention…We were able to experience the Alaska wilderness in a very intimate manner with expert guides.” - Jeff M., Portland, TX

“All the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. Cannot say enough good things about how well we were treated and how professional the staff was.” - Katie B., Dallas, TX

“Cozy comfortable cabins, beautiful scenery, great food, and of course fantastic staff.” - Kevin O., Cleveland, OH

“Gosh, can anyone say ‘location, location, location’....Gorgeous river setting and nicely appointed rooms. It was lovely. The staff was excellent and a special shout out to the chef and kitchen staff, yummy!” - Lisa V., Redwood City, CA

“My wife and three daughters (17, 15 and 12) all enjoyed the facility, lodging and food at the Riverside Lodge. The guides and the staff were all very helpful with making us feel right at home and comfortable. We had an awesome experience.” - M. Kingry, Montgomery, AL

“What a relaxing location. The food was wonderful, good hiking in the area, loved the peace and quiet.” - Melora O., Cleveland, OH

“Our cabin facing the river was absolute heaven on earth. The Kenai lulled me to sleep each night and I awoke to bald eagles chirping. The food was fresh and beautifully prepared, and the banana and chocolate chip pancakes were the best I have ever had.” - Mitchell S., Germantown, MD

“Perfect blend of rustic wilderness experience with clean, spacious cabins and excellent food. The riverside setting was captivating.” - Richard & Leslie S., Chester, CT

“This was beyond wonderful. Everything and everyone that we came in contact with was terrific... My husband and I joked that we might lose a couple of pounds, but we had no idea how well we would eat. Terrific!” - S. Buchanan, Glendale, AZ

“The overall experience of magnificent surroundings and excellent staff combined with an understated delivery to provide a memorable holiday. Well done.” - S. Coates, Bedford, England

“The place was gorgeous and comfortable. I never heard the words ‘we can't get that done’. Great staff, great accommodations.” - Samuel G. Houston, TX